Buffet Mouthpieces that come with new instruments are always destroyed

Dear sir,
I have just purchased a new R13 Buffet and I am very pleased but I was interested to read your articles on mouth pieces.
I am told that the standard one supplied with the clarinet is not the best one out there so I was thinking of a Vaderoma M13 instead of the standard B45.
Can you advise on the advatages and disadvantages of both these mouth pieces and also of the Buffet one supplied which is brand new.


Traditionally the mouthpiece supplied with a new Buffet has been rather unplayable, at least in my experience. Never had one that I like or even was able to in any way tolerate.

The VD M13 is my current mouthpiece, and I have played on B45 mouthpieces also for years.
They work as most Van Dorens do. Somewhere on my site is a story I wrote about meeting Robert Van Doren when going through a terrible hassle finding a good reed.
He let me try 5 Van Dorens and they were all superior to what I had been playing on, which at the time was a Selmer.
And they played many more reeds, which of course were Van Doren as well.
Later I have played all manner of reeds, but that is another long story.
Advantages and disadvantages are manifold and are only important to you as you discover them.
They vary as do the mouthpieces themselves.
A medium mouthpieces upon which you play medium reeds is a good thing to remember and to think about.
Good luck, sf


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