New Clarinet VS a harder Reed????

hello, Mr. Friedland

I’m a sophomore student in high school, and I have two questions that has been sticking with me for a long time. I tried to ask my band teacher since he used to play a clarinet, but I wanted to get more opinions from other people so that I can get more information.

Q #1: I’m getting a new clarinet, and I was wondering what model you recommend for me to get so that I’ll be able to play well in jazz and orchestra bands. I’ve had a selmer CL 300 ( plastic clarinet) for around 4 years, and I’m thinking of getting a professional wooden Bb clarinet.

Answer by Mr Friedland:
What do you mean by a professional clarinet/ by definition a professional instrument costs at least 2-5 thousand dollars, certainly not what you need at the present time. A wooden instrument, for instance the Yamaha 34 would be much more suitable for you, more importantly a good mouthpiece will serve you better than a new clarinet. Get either an Selmer HS* or a Van Doren B45 mouthpiece, ideal mouthpieces for you, and play them with a medium reed, 2/12 or 3.; Hardness of reed has nothing to do with sound of a wooden clarinet

Q#2: I’ve been playing my clarinet with a reed 5 for around 2 years, and I was wondering if a lower reed sounds better when I change to a wooden clarinet.

please reply to me as soon as possible!

Mr Friedland’s opinions are those of a reknown clarinetist who has played professionally for almost 50 years and has had many many hundreds of students. …….Hard reeds are really a NO-NO for you. Trust me, and good luck to you.

thank you



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