Lyons C Clarinet

Thank-you for contacting me about my recent enquiry.

On Tuesday 06 Jul 2004 5:56 pm, you wrote: Hear the Lyons C Clarinets this the clarinet you refer to in a recent email?????

Yes indeed they are Excellent! What do you think about these? Are they a good brand to start with, in your opinion?

I would say yes, especially if you are practical. Like different things, love music, and do not have the money that a “good instrument” can cost. Frequently these are not good instruments, merely looking good, and sounding far from good.

Hope to hear from you. Thank-you very much indeed.


Hi, and thanks for your question. I am all for the instrument and hope to try one soon. It looks absolutely terrific or ghastly depending upon your acceptance.The tuning is supposedly terrific.everything is replaceable. It is cheaper than sliced bread.I think the presentation of an instrument that is in tune, plays well and isinexpensive, as well as user friendly is terrific. While I have not playedthe instrument, I would be happy to try one and in any event endorse this VWof clarinets. The UK is absolutely in love with the clarinet and this furthers that love.

Sincerely, Sherman Friedland


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