Ludwig Wiedmann

Thank you for your wonderful informative Clarinet Corner. It is a
joy and an education to read. I want to write to you about some
wonderful insights you seem to have regarding instruments. More
later if I may.

However, I have a student taking an exam soon and she can asked as
part of her Viva Voce almost anything about the clarinet. Like how
do you spell clarinet backwards and other great pearls of
wisdom.!!!1 Seriously though she is playing a study by L. Wiedmann
and we are unable to find out anything about him except for a
passing reference in one book. Even one sentence would be more
than helpful!

Thank you,

Best wishes,


Ludwig Wiedemann.

HI. I worked on these studies when a student. I found them
difficult and challenging, but musical. Here is a listing of the
only things listed in the ICA library

Wiedemann, Ludwig Clarinet Studies (Characteristic Sketches 1-33,
The 24 Major and Minor Keys-Scales and Studies) books 10-12 4251

Wiedemann, Ludwig Clarinet Studies (Duets 25-40, Etudes 1-20),
books 3 and 4 4249

Wiedemann, Ludwig Clarinet Studies (Scales and Arpeggios 1-13,
Etudes 14-69), books 5-9 4250

Wiedemann, Ludwig Praktische und theoretische Studien fªr
Klarinette, Book 4 1690

Wiedemann, Ludwig Thirty-Two Clarinet Studies 4247

Best regards


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