Learning Clarinet Part-time

I am planning on going for my Masters soon. But I have promised
myself that while I study I would love to learn to play the
clarinet. It was when I started to develop a taste for Jazz music
especially this one piece by Goodman called Moonglow. Since then
I just want to learn to play this instrument. I don’t how much
the instrument will cost me but I do think the college would
provide me with a clarinet instructor who could give me some
lessons. I also had asthma in the past. Is it a difficult
instrument to learn? Thanks.

Thank you for your note.

In what subject are you getting your Masters?

One does not learn to play the clarinet in a semester or two. You
may do very well, however you will still be a beginner, and
unless you spend concentrated amounts of time developing your
embouchure and dedicating your time to the clarinet you will
remain a beginner.

The clarinet on a part-time basis is notoriously difficult to
learn to play. I suppose that if your Masters were in music, it
may be less difficult, however the concept of quality of tone is
simply a bit foreign to an adult beginner. I have had many of
these students and no good players. Asthma does not help at all.

While a question as vague and as general is difficult to respond
to in an intelligent manner, I can state that it will be a matter
of your own dedication both in time and in concentration.

Why would you rent and not buy an instrument? Buy one, spend a few
hundred dollars and make the commitment, man. The clarinet cannot
be done halfway, it is a demanding but a very rewarding mistress.

Good luck in all your endeavors


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