Cleaning, shining and repairing a new acquisition

Mr. Friedland,

I have recently purchased a used clarinet fromEbay, and I am very
happy with it. The instrument is a Buffet Crampon E-11
Intermediate.The thing is, even though it seemsin outstanding
condition I would like to spiff it up a little. The keys are
still somewhat shiny, but a dull film appears on some of them.
There are also a couple small spots in which they are tarnished,
and there is a reasonable amount of dust that has collected in
those intricate hard-to-reach places. Tell me, is it possible for
me to clean the clarinet on my own, or must I consult a
professional? I’m really hesitant about putting anything on it
without an expert opinion.

Thank you,


I would suppose that being happy with the horn means that it plays
well for you. Given that, I would doabsolutly nothing to the
instrument without seeing a profession repair person about it.It
is very easy to ruin an instrument by oiling it too much,
including bore oil, or bending keys. My own advice would be for you
to have it overhauled at a reputable place. They will clean up the
keys for you as part of the overhaul That would be money well

good luck, sincerely, sf


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