Embouchure Paralysis

I have a rather unique problem. After 40 years of playing the clarinet, I woke up one day (3 months ago) and had lost my embouchure. Control is very difficult and the instrument feels like a foreign object. I can’t even sustain an open G. I went to a neurologist, who suggested that I had strained the muscles and R&R is needed but I’m doubtful. I am completely baffled by this since I have never experienced anything like this. Do you have any thoughts or referrals? I would like to get someone on the phone and go into greater detail

Thanks for your note, baffling as it is.

The neurologist simply did not know and/or was disinterested in the problem. I certainly do not know you, nor your age, nore anything about exactly what you mean. There are so many questions I would like to ask you in order to possibly give an opinion: your age, condition of embouchure, teeth, physical condition, illnesses, history of possibility auto-immune problems, (like MS or Myasthenia Gravis, etc.). These are but a few of the questions I would need answers for.

Let me know please if you would like to pursue the problem further. Thanks


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