Selmer Series 9 and 9

Mr. Friedland:

I would like to buy a Selmer Series 9* clarinet in the key of A. My Bb is a Series 9*. I feel that a Series 9* in the key of A would be the best fit for me since I plan on keeping my Bb Series 9*. I’ve had a difficult time finding the Series 9* in A. The current chief technician of Selmer suggested that I try a Series 9 in A as the 9 and 9* in A have very similar bore dimensions (according to the chief technician). He felt that these two instruments would be very similar in playing characteristics. I have located a Series 9 in A, have played it, and feel comfortable with it.

My questions are: In your playing experience and your days as a Selmer clinician, do you remember playing these two different instruments? If so, are they indeed similar in playing characteristics. I recognize that the Series 9 and Series 9* in Bb are two different instruments. Thank you.



P.S. I found and purchased a Series 9* Bb Mazzeo in very good shape

Yes, I have played both the 9 and the 9*, and indeed they are similar, but different, however the difference is undiscernable. By the way, my name is Friedland, not Friedlander. The two names are similar, but different, roughly analagous to the series 9 and the 9*, but different.


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