Rovner Ligatures and Jazz

I have a couple of questions: First, I am thinking of purchasing a leather ligature. Right now, I have a screw-on metal ligature, that came with my clarinet. Would a leather ligature help my tone? I was looking at a Rovner 1R ligature. What do you think? Second, can you tell me some basic tips and techniques on jazz clarinet and improvising? I am very interested in learning jazz techniques. I thank you in advance for these answers. Thank you.

As to a leather ligature made by Rovner, I have several. They are very good and they are not leather. What they do is to make sure that you do not destroy the reed by clamping it down too tightly. It therefore vibrates more freely, will last longer and you will feel that the sound is clearer and louder. The only drawback is the huge plastic cap that you have to use, and that, after a while, the ligature stretches and you buy another, but it is a very long time. Also you can put it in the wash. It shrinks that way.

As to Jazz, your love will guide you, however previous to any entertainment of so-called jaxx technic, let me tell you that all technic is the same. Learn to play the instrument correctly. Learn all your scales and chords and technical facility exercises. Develop a beautiful sound. Do not let anything get by your understanding ….after all that,play anyting you desire. (and you can play around with jazz while you are doing the above, which should be first in your “plan”.) i had a friend who used to always ask me , when we saw each other, “how’s the plan, man?” he was not dumb.

Thanks for your question


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