Resistant Mouthpieces

Hi, I prefer a mouthpiece that offers a lot of resistance. Is there one like this that you can recommend? Thanks.


Hi Joe.

There was a wonderful clarinetist who played with the Boston Symphony in the 30’s through 60’s. He played 2nd clarinet in the BSO and first in the Pops . He can be heard on many of the Boston Pops with Fiedler conducting if you ever come across one of them, or more. I imagine that all have been reissued on CDs.

His name was Manual Valerio. He was Portuguese and he was very short. The clarinet used to seem like another person or at least another leg when he came out on stage.

But it was the sound that absolutely was the most beautiful you have ever heard. Just perfect, and always that way. As a high school kid I remember going to hear all of those concerts, for the clarinet playing was always inspirational.

Well, he played the hardest Vandorens that he could find, I’m told, then he would clip them even more and play them on a Selmer A* mouthpiece. That’s the one, Selmer A*. Give it a shot if you can find one. Let me know, thanks for writing and good luck.


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