Plastic Clarinets

I myself am a well seasoned clarinetist and I am involved in a field band “The Spirit of America” and we need to purchase about 4 new ones. In our band we both the old Bundy plastics as well as newer selmer plastics. I tend to like the sound of the old Bundy better. Could this be true?

Are there different plastic clarinets out there that are better? On the field we are looking for a full, in tune, resonant sound. Any helpful hints you could give me I would really appreciate. 

Thank you and have a nice day.

I have played many many plastic clarinets and always found the Bundy to be as good as any, however you would have to tell me what mouthpiece you use on the instrument. Since most of them are mass produced and not hand-finished, they are all relatively in-tune and resonant, but it is always much more the mouthpiece combination that makes the sound and even the intonation.

You may wish to try Yamaha plastic or even Vito, however in the final analyses,it seems to me to be the mouthpiece and reed combination.

In any event, I hope this has helped somewhat.

Best to you


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