A “Real” Clarinet


I saw your comment on the internet about a high end clarinet. I am at the other end of the spectrum. My 13 year old daughter is a committed member of her middle school band. She has been playing a plastic student clarinet and would like something better. I would like to reward her with a “real” clarinet but don’t want to break the bank and frankly have no idea what to get. I also have no idea if she will really stick with it. What do you recommend?


Hi Bob:

Thank you for your recent note concerning your daughter.

First things first: I cannot assure you in any way how long or if she will stick with the clarinet. I can assure you that if you do purchase a new instrument for her, you should impose no condition of any kind. There should be no reward, for there is always a condition with a reward and I should like to think that her love of music is the only reward needed. The purchase of the new instrument is because she needs a new one. Does she? Does she take private lessons? If so, consult the teacher. If not, she should be taking private instruction.

If you decide to buy an instrument and want to make an economical purchase, get her a new wooden Yamaha clarinet. New, because it is new, and has all of the hang tags that students get excited about, and is guaranteed, no doubt.

Do not buy used, definitely. You have NO idea of what it is you are buying. Take the list price for the instrument and ask to pay 30% less than list price, plus tax. They pay 50% of list so 20% is all they can be expected to receive on this instrument.

Good luck and thank you again for your letter. Good luck to you and to your daughter.


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