Van Doren Mouthpieces

Vandoren mouthpeice…M-13..M-15..5RV..B44..B45 etc. cause notes on the high end C#, D, E ..F etc to crack. But when I use an Obrien Glass mouthpeice everything works normal…any reason why?
Hi Kwang:
Unquestionably , I would suggest you do not use Van Doren mouthpieces. It is that simple.(Although, their reputation is of consistent excellence)
Now, there are so many variables concerning the reasons for your problems, really, nobody knows that much about your playing, especially with a one sentence biographical statement.
Use the Obrien, I did for years and years, and many other crystals as well, notibly the GG, made by the two brothers who lived in Argentina and Italy. I used a minus 1 facing. It just happened to suit me.
Come take a couple of lessons with me and I will fix your problem, really, just a bit of time to hear and see you play. Without that I cannot help, though I wish you all good luck in all of your studies,
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From: Kwang Up Oh
Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 10:17 PM


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