Single and Double Lip embouchures

> Hi, i am a Bb clarinet player from Singapore.
> Currently in a high school band (we called it junior
> collages here), i have played the clarinet for around
> 4 years, using single lip embouchure.
> I seem to have a airy tone on the chalumeau register
> notes (mainly G, A and Bb), and i also have problems
> holding notes in the lower altissimo range (E, Eb(very
> flat Eb for me) , F , Gb,G). When i played the
> altissimo range for quite sometime, my lower lips will
> feel sore, am i biting too hard or is there any
> problem with my embouchure? Also i have inconsistancy
> in tone of different registers, most of the notes do
> not have a nice full tone but sounded rather open and
> dry.
> I have also come across many websites which
> recommand double lip embouchures over single lip
> embouchures, what is the main difference between the
> 2?
> I thank you for your precious time to read my
> quarries and really hope that u will help clear my
> doubt =).
Hi Choi:
The main differences between the two is that the double-lip embouchure is
generally considered the more natural of the two by almost enyone who has
employed both. Of all the clarinetists of whom I know in the recent history
of the clarinet, all of the finer ones play with double lip, either all the
time or as another way of playing the instrument.

Here are actual differences:
1. With 2-lip you cannot “bite” placing too much pressure on the
mouthpiece,reed and lips. You will cause yourself great physical pain if you
do, and the embouchure will keep you from biting, believe me.
2. You cannot bang your fingers on the keys, a practise many students fall
into, because your lips will feel this banging in an unpleasant manner.
Therefore you will have a much better legato.
3. Not a drawback, but an advantage, it takes a while for these bad habits
to be erased from your practise, however the double-lip embouchure will
greatly assist this.
Patience, patience, patience, will be rewarded by the sound and quality you
like and that will be admired by others.
best wishes,
sherman friedland

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