Improvising a Cadenza – Yes, or No?

I am currently preparing an entry for a concerto competitions, and I am preforming the Weber Concertino. I am 16, a junior and have been playing the clarinet for about 7 years, I have never had a steady private teacher so I am always told I am not as good as I should be, or I could be so much better, but anyways, what I wanted to ask you is, do you think it would be appropriate for me to add in an improvised cadenza after the Lento section like it was written for? A lot of versions don’t have that written in and I really don’t see why me doing it would be a problem but if that is just one of thing s that just isn’t done PLEASE tell me.

I think it would be kewl and me adding a cadenza, to me, would feel like I am talking directly to the judges showing them me, not just what’s on paper, but a showing of my personal playing. I don’t know how else to explain this but I do hope you know what i mean. Well any info would be great!

There are many considerations to this question: You speak specifically of the Weber Concertino for Clarinet, and adding the cadenza before the final variation, right after the Lento. You say it is the custom. It is not standard to play a cadenza here.

Whatever you wrote would be written, not improvised. Here, I would say, The Lento separation from the final variation is sufficient without a cadenza and the cadenza would be extraneous here because the new tempo, the thematic material being syncopated would be somehow tainted with a cadenza, which is in itself questionable in this particular piece, it being a Concertino, just a Theme and Variations and not a Concerto.

My advice after playing this work for so many performances in all ways, is NO. You and the piece do not need the aggravation.


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