Flutter Tounging


Can you give me some instructions on flutter tonguing? I used to be able to do it, way back in college, when I was performing modern music, however haven’t had the need to do this in years, and am to perform several modern works this summer. I can’t seem to get my flutter tongue abilities back. How embarrassing! Any help would be greatly appreciated, or if you could even recommend some modern technique books!

Thanks so much

Two ways: use the tongue to actually flutter without using the reed, and two, use the same motion as clearing your throat, both will affect the sound of flutter tonguing. You must choose which one will cause the least disturbance to the actual sound. To attempt to instruct in a new or renewing situation, do not use the tongue on the reed, but hold it slight backward and repeat the syllable “de” very quickly until it becomes somewhat like fluttering, indiscernible movement of the tongue, very quickly. Relax the embouchure somewhat and try the passage. If it is the Berg Pieces, it will be easier in the low register, but much more difficult in the second flutter tongued section, the whole-tone scale descending.

You can also use only the throat in a motion similar to growling. This produces less change in the sound but facilitates the actual production.

Each method must be learned slowly.

Good luck. SF

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