How Do I Fix My Clarinet?

My Buffet R13 has been cracked (due to temperature change?) How do I fix it?

It is too bad that the clarinet has cracked; there are many ways to attempt to keep that from happening, supposedly; however there is anotherschool of thought that says, it is inevitable, due to something almostgenetic in the wood itself.I am a subscriber to the former: prevention. Do you likeoranges? Or tangerines?Strange question, right? NO. If you like the smell ofthese wonderful fruits, after your clarinet is repaired, always keeppeels from themin your case. They will serve to both aid the humidity and, if youlike the ambience of the fruits, you will like the fragrance.So now to repair. I have seen this done many times when,as a student, I used to hang out in repair shops, and once I did cracka clarinet.It always depends on the size of the crack. If it is but a small hairline crack, they will usually tell you to wait until it either opens furtheror closes up, for either can happen.When it islarge enough to see into, or leaks air, then it must be fixed immediately,something that takes time but is relativelystraight forward in the repair. Usually the crack is almost to the point closing oropening. The repairman (repairperson) will drill small holesacross the crackinto which he will drill a small piece of steel or metal of some kind.This will hold and close the crack since the material crosses the crackon either side. Then he or she will make the ends of the metal flushwith the wood; finally he will melt an old plastic record, or whateverthey were made of and fill the small hole with this sticky viscous “stuff”.If the work is done well, you will not even remember where the crackwas, and you certainly will forget the whole business. Remember itis the size of the crack and the prognostication of leakage whichwill determinethe exact repair processThank you for writing. Good luck with the repairand with the clarinet, in whatever way it enriches your life.


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