Bundy Mazzeo Pt. I

I’ve noticed on sale at eBay a Bundy Mazzeo clarinet. Do you know if this uses the Mazzeo designs, or if it simply uses his name? The bell is quite peculiar looking, without the usual flair at the bottom. The clarinet is plastic, and Bundy is not a noted name, but is this one different?

Concerning the Bundy Mazzeo:

Normally this clarinet does indeed use the Mazzeo designs; the bell is his design, in order to clear stuffy quality of the “bell” tones. Also, the throat Bb fingering, the best in tune and timbre utilizing a comparatively simple fingering – there are actually 309 of them.

One more thing: It is the simplest manifestation of the Mazzeo system and the least expensive. It is the student line, made of plastic, but still quite good. I used one to demonstrate the instrument at the 1986 summer meeting of the Clarinet and Saxophone Society (CASS) of Great Britain. Rosie was there and I got to hang out with him, attend a concert (Michael Collins) and play on his custom-made Mazzeo: a Buffet … believe it or not.

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