Bundy Mazzeo Pt. II

About 25 years ago, my parents purchased me a used Bundy Mazzeo clarinet.  I assume it is a Bundy brand, since it was in a Bundy case. My band director always made a big deal of the fact that he and I were the only ones at our school to own this type of clarinet. My nine year old daughter has recently started playing the clarinet, and I had my old clarinet reconditioned for her to use, which cost me several hundred dollars. Her band director asked me where I got the clarinet and has insinuated to me that it is “cheap” and has told her that her mistakes are the clarinet’s fault. 

Is there any validity in what he is saying?  I am hesitant to buy a brand new clarinet for a nine year old, which is what he seems to be pushing for. Thank you.

In a word, NO, there is no validity whatsoever in what your daughter’s director has evidently told her. The particular clarinet in question, Bundy Resonite Mazzeo System clarinet is truly a good, even better than good student instrument.

I have played professional concerts on this very clarinet and own several at the present time. It is not as good as the Selmer (Paris) Mazzeo Clarinet that I own, however it is perfectly servicable for what it is. We all have to start somewhere and I would say the Bundy Resonite Mazzeo.

Not only that, it is really incorrect for any teacher to criticize a student’s instrument. Rather, it is cruel and rude as well. We all have to begin somewhere and this particular clarinet is a great place to start.


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